Dating divorce during

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Beginning a new relationship during the dating process can alienate your children from you which can damage your relationship with them in an irreparable manner.

Also, seeing you with another person can make them sympathize with their other parent which may cost you loss of their custody.

Many times, when a person starts dating during the divorce process, it is not taken lightly by the spouse.

Even though the person had been a faithful husband or wife during their marriage, having an affair when they have not legally divorced can be considered by the spouse as cheating.

The thought that you have moved on easily can cause anger in the spouse and he/she may decide to take revenge during the divorce process.

In such a case, the divorce which could have ended amicably may become difficult, expensive, as well as bitter.

In cases where one of the parents have been dating while the divorce process is going on, it is likely for them to lose the custody of the children.It is said that it is best to avoid dating during legal separation if you have children.This is because children may not be ready to accept a new person in your life, especially when your divorce with their father/mother is not fully complete.In the majority of states, the amount of spousal support a spouse receives is based solely upon the judge's discretion, and there is no specific calculation for determine alimony amounts or payment lengths.Judges consider many factors when establishing alimony awards, analyzing each as it existed within the marriage.

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